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Historian Publisher

  • Размещение: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\HistorianPublisher\x64\aahCloudConfigurator.exe"

Решение проблем

No active InTouch application found

  • Ошибка: Application registration cannot proceed as an active InTouch application has not been found. Please ensure that the InTouch software has been installed and that the application to be published has been opened at least once.
  • Решение: Запустить InTouch проект в WindowViewer

File used by another process

  • Ошибка: Application registration cannot proceed as InTouch WindowMaker is open on this machine. Please close the WindowMaker and try again.
  • Решение: Закрыть InTouch WindowMaker

What's your organization?

  • Сообщение: What's your organization?
  • Решение: Для запуска публикации требуется создать организацию на ресурсе WW Online