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Galaxy Repository (GR) - хранилище Галактики (Galaxy) - узел с ролью Galaxy Repository

  • Для подъема роли GR необходимо установить следующее ПО:
  • Одна Galaxy == Один сервер GR
  • Необходимо развернуть на узле GR Platform
  • Наличие в системе узла GR обязательно ТОЛЬКО в момент развертывания Галактики (Galaxy)

Galaxy Repository

  • Q: Is the GR the same thing as my Application Server?
    • Application Server product is the runtime component of the Galaxy.
    • The Application Server License file, which is part of the System Platform set, enables Galaxy IO, Platforms, and the GR and is installed typically on the GR node.
    • GR is the repository storing the Objects
  • Q: What’s the difference between the GR feature line in my DevStudio and the GR in my AppSvr?
    • They both enable the same thing, a GR.
    • Dev Studio has a local Galaxy to develop in if desired.
    • Off-line GR
      • Or connect the Dev Studio to the on-line Production GR.
    • On-line GR – Best Practices
      • If Dev Studio and GR on same node, there is only one GR (not an on-line GR and an off-line GR)

Проблемы и решения

Failed to connect to the GR node: xx. The node: xx cannot be used as GR node ...

  • When I tried to connect to my Galaxy, I obtained the following message: "Failed to connect to the GR node: xx. The node: xx cannot be used as GR node since it has platform deployed from aonther GR node: yy." I could not undeploy this platform because the GR node is on another site. So I ran PlatformRemover utility, but I still have the same message.
  • [RESOLUTON] Customer made some test and found 2 registry keys which are not deleted with platform remover :

см. TA173: Tech Alert 173 Cannot Create a Galaxy or Connect to Any Existing Galaxy After Renaming a Computer if Wonderware Application Server 2012 R2 (Version 3.6) is Already Installed on the Computer

failed to delete Galaxy

Для удаления Галактики:
1. Login as local user ( who is a sql admin and administrator) on the machine 
2. Execute the following commands in the command prompt 
"net stop watchdog_service" 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\Bin\Services\PostASBInstall.exe" install 
3. Restart the machine.

Обращения к БД Галактики

Извление списка атрибутов объекта

1. Ищем gobject_id объекта/шаблона

SELECT gobject_id, tag_name FROM gobject where tag_name = '$ReactorSet'

2. По gobject_id, например 697, получаем список атрибутов

SELECT * FROM dynamic_attribute where gobject_id  = 697